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The Best Kept Safari Secret

It was Jack's 60th birthday and everybody asked "what do you give a man who has everything he needs?" and that's when Sam, our dearest friend (who happened to be a travel agent), suggested an e-travel wallet.  It was where people could put a check into a travel account, towards a really special trip of Jack's choice. That was brilliant and everybody really appreciated that they were contributing to something that would bring him joy and create lasting memories in his life... win-win! 
The day after his birthday bash we headed to Sam, tallied up the wallet and were blown at the amount in there. We had enough for a life-long desire to travel to Africa!
With a dream itinerary all booked, we wasted no time and soon we were on a two week trip to Africa.  

We arrived in Cape Town and were greeted by a young gentleman who transported us to our hotel, which was just outside the city with the most amazing views of the Cape Peninsular. We stayed there for the next 4 nights, playing golf in the mornings and exploring in the afternoons. Our guide stayed with us the entire time and enthralled us with his knowledge of Cape Town. We sipped on the best wines, ate the best food and played golf on some really famous greens. We had the best time! We packed away our "city clothes" and shopping purchases (mostly wine) and had these wrapped and stored.  Our safari trip required 2x 20kg soft bags for our flight from Cape Town to Maun. Swapping to these smaller bags was so much easier than anticipated as we knew exactly which were city clothes versus safari clothes... a great tip from Sam! 

We chose to explore two camps in the Okavango Delta for completely different experiences. One was a water&land camp and the other a mostly dry camp in the Linyanti area. This way we could have a well-rounded safari experience. We were wowed by nature and wooed by the staff leaving Jack and I feeling like royalty. The remoteness of the camps truly connected us to nature once again. We felt humbled in the presence of majestic elephants on the riverbeds as we manoeuvered on a mokoro, and were cut to size at the piecing roars of lions who ruled their territories with strong might.
Africa is definitely a place that edged itself on our souls. 
On the flight back to Cape Town, we made a promise to return. Our guide was waiting at the airport to transport us to our hotel where we were spent the last night packing for our return flight home. 

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