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The Safari Snob

When I told my friends we were going on safari, they were all super jelly... and I loved it! 
Ron and I were drawn towards the idea of being in remote wide-open spaces and being waited on from dusk to dawn. The corporate world was taking its toll on him. So, Tessa our travel agent, booked us on a two-week safari getaway!
The dog sitter booked, and we were off...

We arrived in Maun, Botswana, and were whisked away in a charter flight to our two weeks safari break. I remember being greeted by the warmest smiles and cheerful welcome. The cook gave us the biggest welcome hug as she battled to contain her excitement to meet us. Even though it was our first time on safari in Botswana, we felt instantly at home, but with great perks! By day two, we knew everybody by name, and they knew all about our family from grandkids to the dogs, hahahahaha!! They knew what food we liked and catered to our heart's desire. We were treated to folklore, old wives' tales and superstitions in their culture.

I thought I would have killed Ron after the first week, but thankfully didn't as we seemed to elevate our bond - it must have been all the fresh air and being immersed in Mother Nature 😊! Our ranger taught us how to take amazing wildlife photos. We listened to prides of lions roaring into the night and watched stars falling from the sky. We read books, talked for hours, dined in different settings each night, and drank the most amazing wines from the Cape in South Africa (our next visit by the way). My biggest achievement was going on a mokoro. It took so much out of me to get into one of those dug-out tree boats, but when I did, I absolutely loved it!! 

Our choice was not to do a traditional African experience, but just to soak Africa into our souls and we are so glad we did. For the first time, we made these two weeks just about ourselves. We are now officially safari snobs because nowhere else matters. A few of our friends are planning their trips now, following in our footsteps which we are delighted about. Our next trip to South Africa will be a combination of safari and wine experiences. Tessa is already working on that for us!

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