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Wild Waters Escape

Our journey started with an internet search and realising that a trip to Africa was going to be too big for us to research as time was against us, we consulted our local travel agent. Side note: Did you know that by using a travel expert, I managed to save money? I always thought it was more expensive.  My travel agent (and new best friend) crafted an itinerary that was beyond our expectations, while still keeping costs low. Between us, we had decided to keep our marine safari to the warm Indian Ocean where diving is an all-year-round experience. 

Arriving in Vilanculos, we were whisked away on a speed boat to our hotel. The turquoise waters and rich marine life were an incredible part of Mozambique - it was wild! We spent 5 nights doing nothing but beachcombing and just taking in a full seaside experience that Mozambique had to offer...indulging in the most incredible seafood cuisine, entertainment and watersports. This trip was totally epic and I am now planning on bringing more mates and sharing this incredible experience that was well thought of, extremely organized and left a deep imprint on my heart.