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Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

I thought that the walk up the mountain took my breath away with the mountain's magical and misty views until we reached our destination. My jaw dropped at the sight of wild gorillas that were scattered at the bottom of the trees ignoring us completely... until the big silverback walked by. He was huge and his presence immediately demanded everyone's attention and took away our last remaining breath. His dominance was humbling as his authoritative presence commanded respect. Strangely I felt safe as I cowered beneath his sovereign reign.

Gorilla Trekking afforded us an opportunity to not only experience a different world, but also a chance for us to help preserve this world. We stayed in Uganda for 7 nights and during that time trekked the mountain twice. Each visit with the gorillas was COMPLETELY different and both are etched in our hearts forever. The permits were costly but the experience was priceless. With the beautiful landscapes and waterfalls it was easy to assume this was once the Garden of Eden. 

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