Diving Safari

My greatest memory of my trip was sitting on a boat in the warm Indian Ocean, in absolute awe of the experience, I just had after diving with what seemed like 100 ragged-tooth sharks in KwaZulu-Natal's famous Aliwal Shoal. With adrenalin still coursing through my veins from diving in the open waters, the feeling of being a guest to an entirely new world was overwhelming. Whilst processing my experience, a huge humpback whale breached close to our boat and I was drenched from the waters spray. That diving experience has left an indelible imprint on my heart.   

Our journey started with an internet search and realising that a trip to Africa was going to be too big for us to research as time was against us, we consulted our local travel agent. Side note: Did you know that by using a travel expert, I managed to save money? I always thought it was more expensive.  My travel agent (and new best friend) crafted an itinerary that was beyond our expectations, while still keeping costs low. Between us, we had decided to keep our marine safari to the warm Indian Ocean where diving is an all-year-round experience. This meant we stuck to the East Coast and began our trip in Durban, South Africa's Spice City. This city's energy was amazing - steeped in culture, rich in history and of course the tastiest food in South Africa. Fun fact: Durban has the highest concentration of Indians outside of India - hence the spices...

We stayed down the south coast for 3 nights, diving the most incredible sites and then headed up north for 2 nights. Sodwana Bay was breathtaking. The sunrises over the ocean were unbelievable and we got to interact with some really cool dolphins and leatherback turtle hatchlings. We also managed to squeeze in 2 nights on a  BIG 5 safari in a private game reserve. 
Before long we headed further north, but this time into an incredible part of Mozambique - it was wild! We all agreed that spending 3 nights in Mozambique was the cherry on the cake, as we really ended on a high. Totally different from South Africa, wild and every diver’s dream. This trip was totally epic and I am now planning on bringing more mates and sharing this incredible experience that was well thought of, extremely organized and left a deep imprint on my heart. 

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