An African Wedding Of My Dreams

As a young girl, I dreamed of my perfect wedding day... under an African sky with stars so bright, it lit up my dress. My groom beside me was enthralled by the beauty of mother nature as everything around us glowed and created a special magical moment.

This image of what I had always dreamed of, seemed so surreal as it was unfolding right before my eyes. Who knew that the perfect place was in Africa? That there were places where the sky seemed to switch itself on and create the perfect moments that could be captured so easily by a camera. To make this moment even more special, was that I could add to my expectations, by incorporating more of mother nature into my special wedding day... by having a safari wedding in South Africa!

Why you may ask?
Experience a destination wedding where I could invite my close family to join us in celebrating our wedding under the African Sky, whilst we experience a country that is on everybody's bucket list. The variety of options for travel to South Africa would suit various budgets and interests that included wedding shopping, touring, cultural interactions, etc. ...all whilst still keeping to the magical wedding experience. All this is made possible by using Compassline Africa's professional wedding providers, excellent rates and amazing pre-during-and-post touring services that create a seamless and effortless experience.     

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